We mainly use the vaccine "Cominarty" by BiontechBiontech/Pfizer. Occasionally we also offer Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and also vaccinations with the pediatric vaccine from Biontech.





Please bring your vaccination pass, as well as the patient information sheet, and the medical history/consent form (corresponding to the vaccine) filled out to your vaccination appointment.

Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson:

Biontech and Moderna::


For appointment inquiries, appointment cancellations or postponements, as well as requests and general inquiries regarding the Corona vaccination, please contact us exclusively via e-mail

so that the availability of our practice by telephone can be guaranteed for acute cases.

For the vaccination appointments extra vaccine will be ordered for you, so we would like to ask you to keep the appointments, or to cancel early, so that no vaccine remains!!!


We urgently need the following information for vaccination requests

Only if requests have been filled in completely they can be processed in order.

Thank you for your understanding!

Please note daily updated vaccination offers, which are activated on our Doctolib online calendar (button below), as well as notices on our homepage.

If you have booked an appointment through the system, we kindly ask you to refrain from calling or emailing us to confirm the appointment.

If there are no more vaccination appointments available, they are fully booked and you will have to check availability yourself from time to time.

Vaccination appointments are released based on vaccine availability and there is no specific time for release.